Aug 11, 2023

How to get your news articles published on Google News

If you're looking for guidance on creating an effective news strategy or setting up an RSS feed, ThirdMedia is here to help!

How to get your news articles published on Google News

How to Get Your Blog Featured on Google News

For web3 projects looking to expand their reach, appearing on Google News is a very underutilized tool. It can mean a surge in traffic, a boost in credibility, and a significant bump in authority.

With over 280 million users, featuring on Google News exposes your content to an enormous, news-hungry audience. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to do it.

1. Understanding Google News

Google News is not your typical news website. It’s an aggregator. It picks the freshest, most relevant content from thousands of sources globally and feeds it to its users. Google News is the go-to source for the latest events, updates, and stories and has been for over two decades.

2. How It Works

Google News monitors millions of news sources. Using a sophisticated algorithm, it curates the most relevant stories, customizing feeds based on each user's preferences. However, before your content can grace the feeds of users, Google needs to trust your content. This means your articles should be recent, newsworthy, and align with Google’s content guidelines.

3. Google News vs. Google Discover

It's crucial to distinguish between these two. While both are personalized feeds, Google News focuses on the latest content, while Google Discover tailors content based on long-term interests. Think of Google News as the latest episode of a daily newscast, while Google Discover is your favorite binge-worthy series.

4. Optimizing for Google News

To stand a chance of appearing on Google News:

  • Register on Google Publisher Center: This is your first step. While you might still be picked up by Google’s general crawl, registering provides more control over how your content appears and is branded on Google News.
  • Create an RSS Feed: Google News prefers RSS feeds for content submission. Ensure your blog has a well-structured RSS feed that’s easily accessible.
  • Follow Google’s Content Policies: This can’t be stressed enough. Google values high-quality, original, and trustworthy content. Avoid clickbait, ensure accuracy, and stay away from duplicate content.
  • Stay Updated: Regularly posting relevant and newsworthy content increases your chances. Remember, Google News prioritizes recent articles.
  • Optimize for Mobile: Ensure that your site is mobile-friendly. Many users access Google News via mobile devices.
  • Use Relevant Labels: In the Publisher Center, use labels like opinion, blog, or satire to help Google understand and classify your content.

5. Manage Your Content on Publisher Center

  • Visual Styles: Personalize your blog's appearance on Google News by adding logos, defining fonts, and more.
  • Settings: Customize your publication settings, manage user access, and define organization settings for better content management.
  • Modules: Explore modules like Reader Revenue Manager and News Showcase for a tailored content presentation.
  • Labels: Help Google better classify your articles by adding relevant content labels.

Remember, Google News is not a content management system (CMS) nor an authoring tool. It’s a platform to showcase your already published content to a wider audience.

6. The Importance of Being Newsworthy

Merely following the technical steps won’t guarantee a spot on Google News. Your content needs to be newsworthy. Is it relevant to current events? Does it offer a unique perspective? Is it valuable to readers? Answering these questions will guide your content strategy.

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Diving into the world of Google News can be a bit overwhelming, especially when navigating its requirements and best practices. If you're looking for guidance on creating an effective news strategy or setting up an RSS feed, ThirdMedia is here to help!

We've gained insights and experience in helping publishers connect with a broader audience through Google News. Remember, it's not just about reaching readers; it's about nurturing a community. Whenever you're ready, we're here to support your journey.

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